Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The perfect Norwegian home for a summer's day

The perfect Norwegian home for a summer's day - home today is very interesting to see and live in, the architects compete to create a work that is attractive and comfortable dwelling, in the blogs Home Design Center we will show you a lot of types of houses from the old to latest, for the moment we will discuss first on The perfect Norwegian home for a summer's day the information we present we try to complete as possible, please read:

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When the sun shines in Sweden I feel the need to spend the entire day outside (I guess this isn't the case when you live somewhere warm and sunny all year round?!). But there is an exception to this. The Norwegian home of blogger and photographer Elisabeth Heier is one of those spaces where you could easily flit between inside and outside on a beautiful day, depending on your mood. Not only is the home bright and airy but it also has several different places you can sit and relax with a book or magazine - window nook, dining table, outdoor terrace....and still enjoy the warmth of natural sunlight and the nature beyond. I could spend a summer's day here could you?

Elisabeth Heier with kind permission

Elisabeth is such a wonderful photographer and her blog is almost entirely made up of pictures she has taken of her own home. So impressive!

See previous posts from her home herehere and here.

I spy a few classic items I love: Knoll Diamond chair and Eames side chair DSR.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

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