Saturday, November 29, 2014

Inexpensive lamp makeover

Inexpensive lamp makeover - home today is very interesting to see and live in, the architects compete to create a work that is attractive and comfortable dwelling, in the blogs Home Design Center we will show you a lot of types of houses from the old to latest, for the moment we will discuss first on Inexpensive lamp makeover the information we present we try to complete as possible, please read:

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This lamp is usually next to my's my magazine reading lamp! When I went to take pictures of it, my daughter was stretched out on the couch watching TV and I thought it would be easier to move the lamp rather than ask her to move! I bought it at a flea market for $5 about 10 years ago. It was shiny faux brass~very ugly! I remember my mom giving me a weird look when I bought it because it was scratched and a little dented around the base. I told her I was going to paint it white but I think she thought I was crazy. I spray panted it white and planned on getting a new lampshade for it but to cover it up until then I just tied this lace valance I already had on with ribbon and it's been there ever since. It's great I can just take off the lace and wash it when it gets too dusty.

I just used a regular can of spray paint. Today if I were to do this I would use a spray primer first and then spray paint. I only have a couple spots where the paint has chipped off which isn't a big deal if you like the shabby chic look.

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