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Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27

Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27 - home today is very interesting to see and live in, the architects compete to create a work that is attractive and comfortable dwelling, in the blogs Home Design Center we will show you a lot of types of houses from the old to latest, for the moment we will discuss first on Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27 the information we present we try to complete as possible, please read:

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Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27 - Small house design minimalist type 27 is a small house that today more and more in interest. Form and design that is simple and simple is a factor that back to him. How not simple? of the breadth of this house not only has an area of ​​vast only about 27 square meters.

Besides the house with type 27 also has advantages in terms of costs that need to build a small house minimalist type 27's. You can spend less when compared to building a house with another type. By doing so, you can get a cost-effective here.

However, there was shortcomings, you will be a little troubled by the area. In this case you might a little difficulty in determining the design or sekorasi in any room in your house. Here you need a little trick - special tricks that you keep a small house into a comfortable place.

Well, in this article admin will give you a little inspiration on the tiny house design minimalist type 27.

Examples of small house design minimalist type 27

Small house design minimalist type 27 may be can you design according to your wishes and tastes. However, in determining the design there are some things you should consider, especially in terms of land area that is the home of this type do not have the vast land ,.

Well, there are several things you can do in addressing the land that is not too broad. First, if you have a considerable cost you can build a house with several floors, for example 2 floors. That way, you can divide the room with little privacy. You can wear downstairs to the living room, dining room and kitchen. While the upper floor you can use as room and family room.

However, what if you only have a limited capital? nah, this is where you should be clever clever messing tweaking room so cramped rooms can still be seen widely. Clever tricks will be in need here. Some of these tricks, for example by reducing room divider that will make your house into a cramped and narrow.

Another trick is to unite a room with another room or even by providing a large glass interior that shows the effect of a spacious room is also an idea that can help. In addition, you are required to use the land as a narrow area under the stairs for something more useful.

Well, the picture below is an example of the small house design minimalist type 27 is visible from the front that can be made of inspiration for those who have to build a small house minimalist one or two floors.

Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27 1 floor

Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27 2 floor

Tips to Design a room in a small house minimalist type 27

As has been discussed from the beginning, that in choosing a small house minimalist type 27 you will be a little deal with land that is not too broad. In this case will affect the design of the room in which you create. Well, here are a few tips to help design space narrowness of your home:

1. Uniting several rooms into one borderless

Figure 3 Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27

If you often see septum or dividing wall between one room to another room in most homes. So, what's wrong if you bring a new design with a different atmosphere? in addition to its unique look, it can really help to give broad effect in a small room in a small house type 27.

For example, you can unify the three rooms such as living rooms, living rooms and even kitchens. This design will look cute and unique if you can work on it in such a way. To add to the widespread impression, use soft colors on a variety of interior that you apply. For example the color of chairs, tables and paint as the base color.

To give a little room bulkhead to the kitchen, you can leave the bamboo curtain with a matching color to the room. The unification of this attack give broad effect on a room that did have land not too extensive.
2. Provide lots of glass on the interior of the room

Figure 4 Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27

In addition to bringing together some of the room without a partition, you specific tips for making far-reaching effects on the narrow room, namely by applying a lot of glass on the interior of the room, for example by creating a window with a large size so that the room is left fused with outdoor. This will give the impression area and the rooms were fresh and comfortable.

3. Creating a multi-purpose room with a narrow piece of land

Figure 5 Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27

In addition to the living room, family room and kitchen, the room is also a very important room in a house. Here, you can release all tired with rest. Design room in a small house minimalist type 27 can not be free, but it is not impossible for you to build multi-functional room.

You can still make your room as the workplace, as well as the main reading room of course as a bed although the room is not too broad. You can build a bed with model 2 level so even though only a few rooms available, but still can be occupied by several people.

To save space, you can can create a closet that integrates circuitry bedroom, while for the bookshelf you can put it to create sticky mini closet. While workplace can make a small table beside the bed. How ? easy does not it?

4. Utilize down the stairs to the workspace

Figure 6 Minimalist Tiny House Design Type 27

If you make a small house minimalist type 27 with two floors, you will be assigned the gains that have more free space. However, besides that of course you have a ladder as a liaison 1st floor with floor 2. Well, this is where you can take advantage of down the ladder.

One of them by making the workspace below this staircase. Within the limitations of this place you can create a comfortable working space and filled with inspiration that certainly will not make you hold hujani creative ideas. In this limited space, you can put the table, and make the bookcase as a book of your book.

5. Utilize attic to create a mini-library

Figure 7 Tiny House Design Minimalist Type 27

Still talking about the tiny house minimalist type 27. There are more creative ideas if you have an attic at home. Rather than leave it blank, it would be better if you utilize to make more useful space, making room mini reading for example.

In the attic space is limited you can store a wide collection of books and spend time reading with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

That's a little discussion about the design of a small house minimalist type 27. Hopefully useful and an inspiration for those who read it. That is all and thank you

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